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High Impact Communication
for Sales

Make a difference
Provide flawless service
Be at ease in negotiations
Master your impact


This programme develops leader behaviour in the context of sales and customer service interactions.


Product specialists, sales representatives, customer service agents. 8 to 10 participants.


Design with us an interaction process that will improve your results both quantitatively and qualitatively.


Every High Impact training is unique.

This is an example for 3 days over 2 months.

1. Goals and Constraints: Learning From the Client

Generating practical information while building a trusting relationship.

Consultative questioning: How to develop the case for cooperation.

Building a clear and sound value proposition.

2. Making an Offer and Negotiating an Agreement

Presenting a proposal with energy and compelling arguments.

Hearing the question behind the objection, and answering it.

Steering the negotiation towards a favourable outcome.

3. Asserting the Price and Keeping One’s Promises

Key attitudes in price negotiation.

How to handle a complaint successfully and bolster the relationship.

Taking stock of success factors and extending the partnership into the future.

Results for Participants

A posture at eye-level, projecting capability and trustworthiness.

High-producing conversations in line with your objectives.

Better preparation for delicate moments in the negotiation process.

An exhaustive set of personal, convincing arguments.

Value for the Organisation

Demeanors in line with the Company identity.

Effective airing of products and services.

Relationships fostered in a long-term perspective.

Accrued sense of self-efficacy and correspondent conversion rates.

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