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High Impact Communication
for Management

Embody your vision
Help others excel
Make meetings productive
Engage your audience


This programme develops leader behaviour in the context of people management.


Anyone who has got managerial authority. 8 to 10 participants.


Select with us the leadership tasks to be targeted so that this training meets your business objectives.


Every High Impact Training is unique.

This is an example for 4 days over 2 months.

1. Influencing oneself and others

Image and reality: Achieving a fit between the map and the landscape.

How to determine meaningful goals and honour the skills of the interlocutor.

Capturing and engaging an audience.

2. Managing skills and performance

The key-attitudes of the manager-coach.

How to appraise performance and name expectations for the future.

Leading a member of staff to change behavior.

3. Controlling delicate situations

Defining problems, making decisions and winning commitments.

When to conduct meetings and how to run them effectively.

Leading a conflict towards resolution.

4. Influencing decision makers

Substantiating agreements and decisions.

Making informative choices: Organizing and delivering a High Impact message.

Taking stock of the past and committing oneself to the future.

Results for Participants

Conscious behaviors projecting credibility, creativity, and managerial effectiveness.

Variation of leadership styles becoming the leader, the purpose, and the situation.

Mastery of essential negotiation techniques.

Effective and convergent action upon distinct positions within the Organisation.

Value for the Organisation

Contagious leadership behaviors underpinning confidence and self-esteem.

Improved recognition and actuation of individual and group potentials.

Improved co-operation across organisational boundaries.

Renewed allegiance owing to the opportunities for personal development.

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