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High Impact Communication
for Professionals

Show your colours
Unscramble your messages
Get buy-in for your ideas
Produce positive agreements


This programme develops leader behaviour in the context of teamwork and cross-functional collaboration.


Project managers and specialists who have an impact on organisational effectiveness. 8 to 10 participants.


Select with us the communication tasks to be targeted to match your company context.


Every High Impact training is unique.

This is an example for 3 days over 2 months.

1. Key Attitudes of High Impact Communication

Stimulating collaboration and partnership through Positive Confrontation.

Achieving High Impact Communication through Listening.

How to build trust and produce valuable information.

2. Committing Oneself and Others to Change

Adjusting and interpreting verbal and non-verbal cues in communication.

How to distinguish, frame, and acknowledge stakeholders’ interests.

How to craft a High Impact message specific to the situation and the receiver.

3. Mastering Challenging Communication Tasks

How to give structure to difficult conversations.

Lifting obstacles and leading the discussion towards a positive conclusion.

Influencing decision-makers and obtaining their commitment.

Results for Participants

Knowing the behaviors that project credibility, effectiveness, and leadership.

Better preparation and conclusive results in less time.

Personalised techniques for demanding communication tasks.

New strategies for winning stakeholder trust and commitment.

Avantages pour les organisations

Faster coordination amongst organisational players.

Reduced friction and redundancy.

Improved reliability of decision-making thanks to well-structured information.

Enhanced team spirit and esprit de corps.

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