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Observe communications and learn to make them effective.

Our programmes are designed to allow every participant to planfully enhance their leadership behaviors within their spheres of influence from the day one.

Training in Small Groups

Group size is limited to 8 to 10 persons to rouse positive group dynamics, and to give recognition for individual goals and contributions.

Personal, Constructive Feedback

In numerous practical exercises, participants are given detailed advice based on factual observation, and in accordance to their personal goals.

Individual Tutoring

Every participant is entitled to seek personalised advice with regard to on-the-job implementation of learnings as many times as desired.

Autonomous Practice

Converting resolutions into action is the lynchpin of the learning practice. Key success factors are personal preparation, and retrospection.

Providing longterm guidance.

We adapt our programmes to your business context.
The following modes of collaboration induce specific and lasting behaviour changes, bolstering your competitive edge in all significant markets.

Participating Observation

Assented observation of your teams in action affords your staff immediate feedback and allows for a functional analysis of competence requirements.

Organisational Consulting

Adjusting existing communication processes may favour the emergence of new behaviours, and perpetuate the training impact.

Internal Certifications

Besides giving recognition for learning endeavors by groups and individuals, they are a great way to breathe life into your competency models.

Executive Coaching

From the outset, we assist you in managing all aspects of stakeholder communication relevant to the long-term impact of your programme.

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